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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I get the error “You cannot edit your response”.

A: Google made a change (sometime around December 2018) which means administrators can ONLY edit forms if the following form option is set: Respondents can: Edit after submit. I do not know why Google made this change but unfortunately I have no control over this. If you don’t want this option set all the time you could set it only while you are editing responses and then un-set it again.

Q: How can I change the Date/Time Format or Timezone?

A: If your form is linked to a response Spreadsheet then these settings are read from the spreadsheet. Change the setting from the spreadsheet menu option File -> Spreadsheet Settings. If your Form is not yet linked to a Response Spreadsheet then open the Form editor, click on RESPONSES, click on the More menu (three vertical dots) and choose the Select response destination option.

Q: What is Edit URL Language in the add-on settings?

A: You may want to use this setting if for example, your respondents are English speaking but are residing in another country. By default, if they visit a form page while in another country, the form text elements may be shown in a non-English language. Use this setting to try and force the form to be shown in a different language.

If you choose a language for this setting then a parameter will be appended to the Edit URL such as ?hl=en for English, ?hl=de for German etc. With this language parameter, the form editor may display text in that language. However please note:

  • Only Google’s form text elements will be translated, your own titles/questions /options will not be.
  • If the user viewing the form editor is logged in to a Google account then this parameter is always ignored, and the language setting in the Google account is used instead. To test, logout of Google or use a private/incognito browser window for the Edit URL.
  • Google Forms does not yet support all languages with this parameter. Some language parameters will work, others will not.
Q: Are the searches case-sensitive?

A: Response ID is case sensitive, all other search fields are case-insensitive.

Change Log

  • v7 (26 July 2018): Enhancements:
    • Minor interface changes & enhancements.
    • Added built-in Feedback icon to footer for user issues or suggestions.
    • Added a check on startup to explain the “authorization is required” error, caused by a Google bug. See here for more information:
  • v6 (25 June 2018): Enhancements:
    • Search by Response ID (shown in Edit URL’s) to easily find a single response.
    • Times added to the Timestamp search fields and Results display. Cut/paste a Timestamp from your Response Spreadsheet to easily find a single response.
  • v5 (18 June 2018): First public release.

Known Issues

None reported.