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If you have any issues or errors installing or using the add-on, or have any suggestions for how the add-on can be improved, please:

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why are some form elements (such as Next/Submit buttons) showing in the wrong language in my translated forms?

A: The add-on appends a language code parameter to form preview URLs to try and force common form elements to be shown in the same language as the translated form.

For example, the parameter will be ?hl=en for English, ?hl=de for German etc. With this language parameter, the form editor may display text in that language. However please note:

  • Only Google’s form text elements will be translated with this parameter.
  • If the user viewing the form editor is logged in to a Google account then this parameter is always ignored, and the language setting in the Google account is used instead. To test, logout of Google or use a private/incognito browser window for the preview URL.
  • Google Forms does not yet support all languages with this parameter. Some language parameters will work, others will not.
Q: Why are some rows/columns “greyed out” in the Form Translator spreadsheet?

A: If a previously extracted form text element is no longer present in your form then the text row will be greyed out in the spreadsheet rather than deleted. Also, if you un-select a previously selected language in the list of languages to translate to then the language column in the spreadsheet will be greyed out rather than deleted. This is to ensure that if you have manually entered any translations they will not be inadvertently deleted.

If you are sure you no longer want the translations in the row or column then delete the greyed out rows or columns.

Change Log

  • v10 (30 July 2018):
    • Added Quick Start tab to help users get started.
    • Added Filter options to the Languages tab to help find languages.
    • Added checks/warnings if operations exceed the Google add-on 6 minute runtime limit.
    • A few bugfixes.
  • v8 (24 July 2018): Various bugfixes.
  • v7 (24 July 2018): Various bugfixes.
  • v6 (23 July 2018): First public release.

Known Issues

There are currently a number of limitations to the Google Forms API which make it impossible to fully support all form elements:

  • No support for CHECKBOX / LIST / MULTIPLE CHOICE quiz questions set to a correct answer AND with page navigation.
  • No support for general feedback on FILE UPLOAD questions.
  • No support for feedback with a link to a video.
  • No support for feedback web links with text.
  • No support for response validation text.
  • No support for captions on images linked to questions.
  • No support for Answer Key or Scores on Multiple-choice grid or Multiple-choice checkbox items.