cod /kod/, ‘cod,fish n, pl cod (the flesh of) a soft-finned N Atlantic food fish or related Pacific fish [ME]

codling /’kodling/ n a young cod [ME, fr cod + -ling]

cod-lover /-,luva/ n, to like or desire actively; to take pleasure in cod

cod-lord /-lawd/ n, a man of rank or high position; one having power or authority over cod

About Me

Based in the UK, I provide bespoke apps script & add-on services for Google cloud products (including Gmail, Drive, Forms, Sheets, Docs & Slides).

I am developing a number of free add-ons and am currently providing apps script consultancy services.

I have also developed a number of other software products & solutions for companies which use Google services and provide managed domain and web services. See my company website:

What can I do for you?

I have helped many companies and individuals with services including:

  • Document automation for Spreadsheets, Documents, eMail, PDF generation etc.
  • Transactional email services.
  • Drive/Gmail backup & scripting.
  • Data capture & processing.
  • Statistics & analysis.
  • Code debugging & troubleshooting.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss your requirements.